• Birth chart reading includes a prediction by sensing the stars and planetary position of your chart which is created with the birth details. The day, time and place you were born is necessary here,

  •  It can accurately guide you about the things like marriage Prediction, legal matters,  health , career/ business.Its predicted questionwise click here

Birth chart reading


Types Of Readings

Tarot cards readings

  • This reading can tell you the things in detail with the characters involved in your life even if anyone doesnt have the birth details this reading can give you the prediction of the incidents going to happen ,there are variety of spreads available in tarot cards this can tell you about financial, marriage related, legal, relationship, blockages etc and the precautions to be taken click here

  • It includes readings about love relationship, and Marriage, Divorce, matchmaking, general predictions with the characters involved and causing trouble to the native.

  • It can show the real hidden faces of the people and guide you what should be done and what should be avoided. 

  • It takes you the furthest into your future.  click here

Relationship Readings 

Angel Therapy

Angel statue
  • In this the angels are invoked for help or answers we seek

  • This also includes a spread and healing if required, From the next day you start getting signs from them.

  • This is purely a white magic, worked with archangel michael and the team

  • This therapy is also helpful for people who are suffering from depression or have relationship issues

  • To fix an appointment you can click here

Palm Reading

Aura Reading, Healing, Chakra reading 

  • This reading is purely spiritual reading , here the aura reading is provided, if seen any chakra imbalances or healing required , 

  • Sometimes the illness is more spiritual than the medical , and for that the healing helps as a miracle 

  • Removing negative energy, cleansing aura balancing chakras, 

  • This reading is also helpful for people in depression or the one who have any kind of health issues

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